October 18, 2017

When You Need it Done Right!

Why do I need a Fuel Injector Cleaning Service?

If you don’t routinely use a fuel injector cleaning additive in your fuel, as most people don’t, your vehicle is a great candidate for this service. Especially those vehicles with over 100,000 miles. These days gasoline contains more ethanol, which tends to gum up your fuel injectors over time. This will cause the injectors to lose their efficient spray pattern and will not properly atomize the fuel, causing inefficient burning of the fuel and lose of power, as well as poor gas mileage,and even a rough idle.

We use a professional grade injector cleaner that is introduced straight into the fuel rail. The engine will run solely on this cleaner and dissolves the deposits on your injectors, giving you back power, efficient gas mileage, and a smooth idle.

Keeping your engine running as efficiently as possible will save you money, and assure that you have the performance you need for safe and reliable driving. Let us keep your vehicle in top shape with our fuel injector cleaning service for $75.

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