October 18, 2017

When You Need it Done Right!

Why get an Induction Cleaning Service?

Most mechanics would agree that ethanol has not aided the longevity or efficiency of the modern vehicle engine. Ethanol tends to form deposits on many of the engines internal parts and passages, creating much less efficient airflow, especially through the intake manifold. Like I was always told, “more airflow, more fuel…more horsepower.” I know that most of us are not worried about insane amounts of horsepower, but I’m betting you would like your engine to run efficiently, making peak horsepower while maintaining peak fuel mileage. That’s what the induction cleaning service aims to do.

We offer our induction cleaning service for $75, and what you get is like a detoxification for your engine. We get all the bad stuff out so that all the good stuff can go in, leaving your engine able to breathe, mix fuel & air efficiently and extending it’s lifespan as a result.

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