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System Checks

Diagnostic Readings

Got that Check Engine Light on?

If your “check engine light” is on, we are happy to hook our scanner up to your vehicle. However, we will do more than just read your codes. The codes set by your vehicles computer can often be less straight forward than you might think. It sometimes take someone who has knowledge of your vehicles systems to diagnose the issue behind your vehicles code/s.  

We charge FREE - NO CHARGE diagnostic reading.

If you decide to get any resulting repairs done with us, we usually cut the diag fee down a bit on the final bill. 

Coolant System Check

 Why get Your Cooling System Pressure Tested?

Is your vehicle overheating? Do you have to add antifreeze all the time? Bring it in and let us perform a pressure test on your cooling system! This test allows us to find exactly where you are losing that coolant. It also lets us know whether your water pump is functioning efficiently.Sometimes overlooked, proper cooling system maintenance is crucial to assuring your vehicle remains reliable. Overheating is probably the worst thing that can happen to your engine. So,if you are losing coolant or notice your temperature gauge creeping upward, don’t wait!

We don’t charge for a quick pressure test, and it might just save the life of your engine. 

Under the Hood Services

Oil Changes

>Conventional Oil Changes

We offer conventional oil changes for $32.95. This includes up to 5 quarts of conventional motor oil, and a new oil filter.

>Synthetic Oil Changes

If you prefer the best for your vehicle, we offer synthetic oil changes for $54.95. This includes up to 5 quarts of synthetic motor oil, and a new oil filter.At C4 we always take the best care of your vehicle. So, in addition to your oil change, we will also check your tire pressures and top off all your fluids. 


 Why do I need a Tune-Up?

Without regular upkeep your engine will begin to run poorly over time.Just like eating healthy, your engine needs its essentials too. With new plugs, wires, and filters, your engine will run more efficiently and breath better, providing fuel efficiency and power.Many shops only offer to replace your spark plugs during a tune-up. To keep your vehicle running in top form, we suggest spark plugs, wires (if you have them) air filter, fuel filter, and pcv valve, as a complete tune-up package.

Costs for tune-ups will vary by vehicle. 

General Repairs

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Car Tips for Beginners

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